Tactica OWB Belt Slide Holster


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outside the waistband concealment holster

The Tactica OWB Holster is designed to give you the utmost in comfortable, secure carry but also the versatility of use that few other holsters have. You can easily conceal this holster, but it's also perfect for open carry around the home, on the range or anywhere else you might want to.

This OWB holster rides high on your belt and tight to your body. It's offered in three frame sizes - micro, subcompact and compact - with more than 20 pistol models being available in Tactica Defense Fashion holsters.

Belt loops on the back of this waistband holster keep this owb holster in a natural high riding position. This lets you cover the holster with an untucked shirt or other layer, concealing easily outside the waistband.

The rigid polymer belt loops on the back of the holster will fit a belt up to 1.5 inches in width.

The holster base features our ventilated neoprene backing layer and bound edges for comfort. We add a spring steel core for reinforcement, adding a stiffness to the entire holster base. The holster is rigid but flexible, supporting the pistol but also staying securely on the body.

A relief cut in the base contours the holster to sit better on women's bodies as opposed to a typical OWB which does not. This feature also lets you gain a firing grip faster. The partial sweat shield ensures no issues in re-holstering your pistol.

The holster also has a custom-molded retention shell, molded for the precise make and model pistol you order it for. Adjustable mounting hardware lets you dial in the retention profile, and the included hardware pack includes additional sets of spacers and bolts so you can customize the holster further.

Tactica Defense Fashion also covers this OWB Holster with our comprehensive holster warranty. You have the first 30 days to return the holster for a refund if not satisfied. We also warranty the holster fully for life.

Dress To Protect, and carry in comfort!