Tactica Women's Floral Embossed Leather Gun Belt - Brown


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Floral Leather Belt: Invest In The Best

Let’s face it, gun belts are still mainly designed for men, and when you do find a gun belt that’s designed for “women” it’s frankly bland, manly, bulky and stiff. You should be able to wear a gun belt that doesn’t scream “concealed carry” or “I don’t know how to be stylish.” The good news? Our Women’s Floral Embossed Leather Gun Belt is expertly crafted and fashionably designed so you can protect yourself in style.

Superior Support For Your Holster

Unlike most women’s gun belts on the market (the few that there are) our premium leather gun belts are reinforced with a spring steel core that keeps your belt from sagging throughout the day while carrying a firearm. So, you’ll benefit from a secure, consistent draw, and you’ll be equipped to have the safest experience possible.

Women’s Leather Gun Belts As They Should Be

Women’s gun belts are typically thick which doesn’t feel feminine when you wear them with your favorite jeans. That’s why our Floral Leather Belt is designed to be slim. You’ll be able to easily conceal this belt if you want, or you can proudly show off the stylish design to flatter your outfits.

If you’ve been disappointed with a gun belt in the past, we understand that you might be hesitant to make a new purchase. That’s why our premium gun belts are offered with a 7-day trial period and covered by a year-long warranty. So, if your belt is ever damaged within the first year, we’ll repair it or replace it for free. So, go ahead, invest in the best.

Gun Belt Sizing Guide

(in inches)

Belt Size XS S M L XL 1X 2X 3X 4X
Waist Size 28-32 30-34 32-36 34-38 36-40 38-42 40-44 42-46 44-48
Numeric Belt Size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Notch Range 27.75 – 32.25 29.75 – 34.25 31.75 – 36.25 33.75 – 38.25 35.75 – 40.25 37.75 – 42.25 39.75 – 44.25 41.75 – 46.25 43.75 – 48.25
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