Tactica Universal Grip Holster


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Tactica Universal Grip Holster

The Tactica Universal Grip Holster is designed specifically to accommodate your complex concealed carry needs. Offering safe storage for your gun, this holster is a great option for when a polymer holster creates too much bulk or is difficult to conceal in a specific outfit.

The Universal Grip Holster allows you to conceal carry a wide variety of make and models. No more buying a separate holster for each gun! If you have several different guns that are similar in length and width, this universal holster will safely protect the trigger guard of any gun you choose to store inside it.

A great option for deeper concealed carry, this holster is an ideal option for warmer weather when you want to wear less clothing.

Featuring a grippy, textured outside material, the Universal Grip Holster will grasp securely to any type of clothing. For inside the waistband carry, three holes are available to use with our toolless belt clips. Depending on how you prefer to carry, the ride height is adjustable, and you’re able to customize the cant angle to your liking.

No matter what outfit you’re wearing, comfort is key. The Universal Grip Holster is lined with thermoplastic elastomer, which is a flexible yet durable material. An inner layer of TPE creates a solid barrier between the neoprene shell, grippy outside material, and the trigger guard. Most holster designs that aren’t made of polymer or leather don’t offer this level of protection, but the Universal Grip Holster provides almost the same level of protection, while allowing deeper, more comfortable carry.

Inserting and drawing your gun is made easy by a front slide cutout design. This feature also allows the holster to accommodate a wider range of make and model pistols. Several sizes are available, so be sure to select the size that fits your pistol.

Maintenance is easy! Simply hand-wash and air-dry.

Made in the USA, the Universal Grip Holster is backed by our 30-day warranty, and 10-day trial period. Like all our products, the Universal Grip Holster is also covered by our Forever Warranty - for the entire lifetime of the holster!

Start feeling empowered today, and dress to protect!