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Women's Firearm Training and Events

The Importance of Women's Gun Training

How important is women’s gun training? Just as important as it is for anything else. Women need training in both safe basic operation of a firearm as they do in defensive shooting skills. If a person is going to own and keep a firearm for protection, they must have training to go with it. Gun safety is a vital part of gun ownership, and certainly if one means to carry a pistol for their own protection. Without some gun safety training, a person may operate under some very bad assumptions and tragedies have ensued as a result. As the person who owns the firearm, you are responsible to ensure it is handled, operated and stored in as safe a manner as possible. It is also important to have training in defensive shooting techniques.

While anyone can be taught to shoot in their own defense, it is best to have the advice of qualified, experienced instructors. This gives you the basis from which to hone the skills that will help you save your life should the moment of truth ever arrive. Along with the practical skills, you also need instruction in the lawful defense of yourself and others. Laws of the various states are strict about when you can and cannot use lethal force in your own defense. Acting without knowing them can put you in a prison cell. Tactica Defense Fashion wants you to put yourself in the best position for success, and gun training for women – or anyone – is a vital part of doing so if you’re going to own and carry a gun.

Upcoming Events

Want to see what’s coming up for Tactica Defense Fashion? Stay tuned to this page and see what our Upcoming Events are! We hope that you follow us as we release new products, make appearances and stage events of our own geared around women’s concealed carry and overall defense. Stay tuned for more!