Women's Tactical Pants

Dress to protect with Tactica Defense Fashion’s women’s tactical pants. These military-inspired pants make a sharp appearance but also help with concealment if you concealed carry.While not official issue, they are definitely inspired by women’s BDU pants. The fabric is a 65-35 polyester-cotton ripstop blend, which not only ensures a long service life and stands up to normal wear and tear better, but also resists the elements better than jeans or other pure cotton fabrics. Light rain and snow brush off easily, making these perfect for wearing into the winter months.


These are also some of the best-fitting women’s tactical pants, especially for concealed carry purposes. Adjustable waist tabs are included, which allows you to tighten or loosen the waistband as needed. This can be a big help for carrying with an IWB holster, such as those offered by Tactica Defense Fashion.They are tactical, but they are also practical. As these are patterned from women’s BDU pants (and are built just like them) there is a total of 7 pockets, including two in the front, two in the seat, two cargo pockets on the legs as well as a hidden pocket for storing small items, such as an EDC knife, flashlight or tactical pen.


You have your choice of colors from green, tactical black, or khaki. Or get one of each and rotate! Once you try on these women’s tactical pants, you may never go back to jeans. Besides being incredibly practical, they’re also terrifically comfortable! You get a roomy, comfortable fit but without the baggy appearance that so many other cargo pants are known for.You get to dress to protect, in style and comfort with these women’s tactical pants from Tactica Defense Fashion.


All of our clothings, bags and accessories are built to last, including these ripstop women’s tactical pants. We cover our concealed carry clothing and accessories with a 30-day limited warranty, as well as a 10-day return period after purchase in case you wish to send them back.


Dress to protect with Tactica Defense Fashion!

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